Calling All Teddy Bears…

We are looking for the face of the Good Toy Guide – and we don’t want any random z-list celebrity – we want a fab, cuddly, teddy bear!  Manufacturers of plush teddy bears are invited to apply to be the face of the Good Toy Guide and the winner will be announced on the first day…
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Pre-School Play, Experiences and Development

Parents usually have the biggest say in which toys their children have access to, with less than half of all pre-schoolers (2 in 5) choosing most of their own toys. Peer pressure is still a relatively minor influence in the pre-school years, but children with older siblings in particular will often aspire to have toys which make…
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September 10, 2012

Play Ideas and Toys For Babies

The number and variety of toys available for babies has exploded over recent years. With such choice on offer, it is worth taking a look at what babies gain from playing with toys and whether some types of toys aid babies’ development more than others.

September 6, 2012

Violent Video Games And Its Effect On Children

As with many debates, the arguments around children and violence in video games have been polarised – either violence in video games is increasing the chances of children acting violently, or violent games provide children with an outlet for aggression that does not harm anything or anyone.

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What Are The Benefits Of Playing With Military Toys?

There is a tendency in Western society to protect children from danger and discourage aggression and displays of force. The first of the cotton wool kids generations are growing up into young adults, many of whom take extreme risks in areas of their lives. The recently published Good Childhood Enquiry also backs up this view.

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The Benefits Of Role Play For Young Children

Babies and children learn the vast majority of what they know from watching adults and those people around them. Most children have an identifiable primary carer –the person to whom the child is most strongly attached, and whom they watch and learn from at an amazing rate. The more closely attached a child is to a person, the more easily they will learn from him/her.

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