The Role Of Farm Toys To Promote Role Playing In Boys

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When developing products for pre-school children, it is worth noting the following:

  • it is important for children to get a sense of satisfaction from their toys to encourage confidence
  • mastery of the toy will promote independence
  • toys which can be played with siblings and friends encourage turn-taking and communication

Playing with farm toys helps children in a number of ways through the facilitation of

  • role play
  • discussion about farms, food, animals, machines, work etc
  • increased understanding of their environment
  • play opportunities on a variety of levels

The social skills which develop during peer play are important tools for a child starting school and can make a real difference to how well a child copes with the transition from a play-based nursery/pre-school to more formal school settings

‘Non-prescriptive toys such as farm toys, enable children to play with the toys at their own level and in their own way.’

Role play with machines mainly appeals to boys, but there are other aspects of farm life that appeal to girls so role playing around farms promotes engagement and cooperation between the sexes. Boys tend to develop social skills more slowly than girls, but toys which encourage boys to engage with each other, communicate and cooperate can really enhance their social skills. Therefore, it is important to provide engaging toy machines that really appeal to the boys in order for them to benefit from the social development that this play affords.




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By providing toys which appeal and promote role playing to boys, it may be possible to close the developmental gap that exists between the sexes in terms of social development.

Confidence is another key skill that children need in order to succeed in school. Many children think that food comes in wrappers and you get if from the shops. Playing with farm toys will often produce questions and discussions about working on farms, animals, food production etc and can help children gain confidence by increasing their understanding of the world.

Pre-school children vary greatly in their abilities and develop new skills very quickly. Non-prescriptive toys such as farm toys, enable children to play with the toys at their own level and in their own way. A younger child who is learning to speak can practice making the animal and machine noises, whereas an older, more able child will be able create imaginary scenarios and act them out cooperatively with peers.

In an increasingly complicated world, toys which allow children to direct their own play whilst increasing their awareness of the every day things around them should be celebrated and cherished as they allow out children to develop freely and holistically.


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This post was written by Dr Amanda Gummer

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