Child Development using Wheeled Toys

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Wheels are great fun for all ages. Young children enjoy sitting on something and being pushed and older kids can spend hours practicing impressive stunts on skateboards and bikes.

Sit n rides are popular with very young children and many of them double up as walkers that can support a child as he/she takes his/her first tentative steps.

“‘It is important to make sure they are sturdy and will not tip easily, and light enough not to squash a young child if it falls on them. Look for toys that increase play value by including blocks or a cubby hole for the children to fill and empty.”

bike-wheeled-toysScooters and first bikes are great ways of helping toddlers and preschool children learn to balance. They can make it easy for the family to out together as the youngsters soon learn how to go fast on these and can easily keep up with those longer legged members of the family. Licensed wheeled goods are popular especially as a lot of the preschool licenses involve a wheeled character or vehicle but don’t compromise on quality just to get a licensed product within your budget. Children at this age give toys a rough ride and the cheap flimsy products won’t last.

As children start school children may start to learn to ride a bike. As they get a little older they also have sufficient balance and core stability to master roller skates and tricks on scooters. Children tend to learn to ride a bike more easily if they’ve already mastered the art of balance, hence the value of the balance bikes and scooters for younger children.

Children can really start to master impressive tricks on wheels from about the age of 8. As children become more proficient, the quality of the product becomes increasingly important and children are well-informed about the features they want.

As children reach the teenage years wheeled products (bikes, skates, skateboards etc) are not seen as toys and become more a piece of equipment for their hobby. Personalising and adapting these wheeled goods helps children express themselves and enhance their developing sense of identity.

In the fight against childhood obesity, wheeled toys are a tool that parents can use to promote healthy activity right through to the teenage years.

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