Our Top Tips on spending Valentine’s Day with Kids

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It is not uncommon for young children to want to send and receive Valentines cards which can alarm parents who think their children are growing up too fast. But Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to help children develop skills such as empathy and consideration if the ‘love’ aspect of it is widened out away from just romantic or sexual love. Spending Valentine’s Day with Kids will show them the pleasure they can get from thinking of someone else and making that person feel appreciated and valued. The mystery of an anonymous card adds a bit of excitement to it all and home made cards avoid the consumerism associated with all these ‘Hallmark holidays’.

Top Tips for spending Valentine’s Day with Kids

1. Encourage them to identify people they really like, appreciate or love and talk to them about what makes those people special.

2. Get out the arts and crafts and get making – paper hearts, home made cards, poems and pictures all make lovely valentine’s gifts.

3. Talk to children about what makes them feel special and loved to help them develop empathy and understanding of other people’s need to feel loved



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This post was written by Dr Amanda Gummer

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