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  • Good Toy Guide’s Play Zone: busiest stand at Mums Show Live

    Parents and children alike loved the play zone at the Mums Show Live this weekend. With a wide selection of ‘good toys’ for children to play with and the experts from the Good Toy Guide on hand to help parents understand the benefits of each toy, the stand was a hive of activity.

    Regular prize draws, dedicated play sessions and the mega toy give away at the end of the show all helped bring visitors to the stand, but what kept them there was playing

    with all the great toys! Harumika was a firm favourite with the older girls and Combat Creatures and Hot wheels kept the boys (and often their dads too) engaged for ages. The huge Monsterous was a big attraction, and made a comfy seat for some of the tired parents! Many a child wanted to take the little Monsterous characters home because they were so soft!

    Alongside some big brands, smaller companies were also on show with Carddies and Triqo being particularly popular and the Ben and Betty demo on the Saturday going down well. The Karisma Kidz were also in demand as Erika Brodnock showcased her highly-anticipated interactive dolls that help children manage their moods and bring out their own inner superhero.

    Having games that people could dip in and out of (e.g. Bop It, Logo What Am I, Pass the Bomb) out on the tables meant that people could see how to play them which really helped show how much fun they are. The same happened with our ‘Fun with words’ and ‘Fun with numbers’ sessions courtesy of Bananagrams and Coiledspring games.  Amanda Gummer from the Good Toy Guide commented “It’s great when parents start to see what children can get out of play and it was lovely to be able to help them understand more about the toys their children were playing with”

    The cross section of toys meant that there was something for everyone: aspiring magicians got to try out new magic tricks – Marvin’s Magic Lights from anywhere were the most popular as they were really easy for even young children to master, budding fashion designers got creative with Badge it and Harumika, actors made up scenes with Carddies, and the engineers of the future built amazing creations with Triqo, whilst their parents found out more about how the toys promote different skills.

    Having got the bug for consumer shows and seen how effective they are for helping engagement with products, the team at Good Toy Guide are planning to do more.  “It’s such a great way for companies to have a presence at a consumer show and raise awareness of their products without having to staff it and run their own stand. The added benefit of having the Good Toy Guide seal of approval makes it an even better place to be as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the Good Toy stamp and report that it gives them more confidence that the product won’t be a 5 minute wonder.” explains Amanda  “But we only take products that are in the guide, so it’s vital that companies submit their products in plenty of time”.

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