New Year's Resolutions

Making New Year’s Resolutions Work

With the New Year just around the corner, it is worth looking at ways that parents can make the most of the fresh start and make family resolutions that everyone commits to, rather than just having individual goals that can make you feel isolated. Involve the kids and try to make the New Year’s resolutions…
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Toy Safety

Having seen the article on the dolls with cancer-causing chemicals, my mind went into over-drive – consumerism, pester power, unscrupulous unregulated suppliers – whose fault is it that children are being exposed to harmful chemicals and what should be done about it? As a mother, it horrifies me that children could be harmed by their…
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Tips On How To Manage Your Child’s Nightmares

What a NIGHTMARE! We use the term ‘Nightmare’ to describe a range of bad situations but a real nightmare can leave a child feeling angry, shameful, scared, anxious, or upset.  Whilst toddlers can take a long time to calm down because they believe the nightmare to be real, older children can learn to differentiate dreams from…
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