Making New Year’s Resolutions Work

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parenting-adviceWith the New Year just around the corner, it is worth looking at ways that parents can make the most of the fresh start and make family resolutions that everyone commits to, rather than just having individual goals that can make you feel isolated.

Involve the kids and try to make the New Year’s resolutions fun – they could teach you a new routine on the dance mat every day as part of your health kick, or you could keep a family journal that you all contribute to in order to improve communication.

Have a family meeting and agree all of the resolutions together, that way you are more likely to all work together to achieve them.

If you have things that you want the kids to do differently (eat more vegetables, keep their rooms tidy etc), get them to give you a new resolution too.  You will be surprised at what the kids really want – an extra cuddle a day, a bedtime story, spending more time at the park with them – it’s a great way of checking in with how everyone in the family is feeling, managing expectations and keeping communication open and honest.

If you’re struggling to find things to make New Year’s resolutions about, have a think about situations or times of the day or week that you find difficult and that can result in an argument.  Look at what you would like to make these situations better and use that as a basis for the resolutions.  For example, you could give the children the resolution of keeping their rooms tidy and you could have the resolution of spending time with them in their (tidy) rooms playing their choice of game.


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