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  • This week, we’re all about tech play, particularly tablets!  Safety is a big concern for parents in this technology driven world and it is even harder for those who are not confident with technology themselves.

    Tablets can be great fun for kids and really encourage their development, but it’s always recommended that you consider the possible dangers as well.  Here are some FAQs and our solutions to help overcome some of those dangers:

    How can I prevent access to inappropriate content?

    The best way to overcome inappropriate content is to ensure you choose a family tablet that is right for you.  Research the tablet before purchasing and ensure it has good parental controls, take time to set-up those controls to suit the ages of your children.   ‘Kid Friendly’ tablets on the market, such as the Kurio, come with extremely good parental controls; you are able to control usage time, websites they can view and much more.  See our article Preventing Access to Inappropriate Content for more details.

    How can I avoid my child being contacted inappropriate individuals?

    Our advice here is to talk to your children about protecting their personal data and encourage them to set up online aliases so they don’t use their real name on public platforms.  While parental controls are great for controlling which websites your child can access, as they mature they are going to want to branch out to different sites, particularly to social media services see our advice at Grooming – advice for parents and Managing Social Media for Children.

    What about running up big bills from accidental/ill-considered purchases?

    There are various ways to make sure your children cannot access in-app purchases such as restrictions within Apple devices, setting private passwords that are always requested and ensuring you have a household rule that kids must ask you before downloading additional paid-for features.  See our article on Is it still too easy for kids to run up big bills through digital apps/games.

    Is using a tablet a lot damaging my child’s development?

    Like all screen time it is important to have a balance with other activities.  Whilst technology is an important part of modern life, the off-line world is just as vital to a child’s development.  Getting the right balance is key to a healthy child development. Tablets are great for promoting confidence with IT, encouraging fine motor skills, imagination and creativity through the use of apps and cameras as well as providing portable entertainment and learning activities! For more information see: Should pre-schoolers use tablets?.

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