Children with special needs are over labelled

Limiting With Labels

With our #Fun4all twitter campaign getting off the ground, I’ve been contemplating the whole area of additional needs: behavioural issues, physical disabilities and mental health diagnoses. As with many sensitive areas, it is very easy to cause offence and I’d like to start out by saying that none is intended here. Different terms are preferred…
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Amanda Gummer & Rachel Tomlinson

Dr Amanda Gummer Interviewing Rachel Tomlinson From Barrowford School

In an exclusive interview with Rachel Tomlinson from Barrowford school in Lancashire, Dr Amanda Gummer asked Rachel about Barrowford School’s approach to learning and was delighted to learn that they share many of Fundamentally Children’s values. You can hear the whole interview here.   listen to ‘Dr Amanda Gummer Talking with Barrowford Primary School’s Headteacher…
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