Prince George’s 1st Birthday: Perfect Presents For A One Year Old Prince

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It’s Prince George’s 1st birthday today July 22nd 2014. Our experts, here at the Good Toy Guide have beenflip and trip fred looking at perfect presents for a one year old prince – Good Toys that we hope his friends and family have bought him to help him learn through play and develop the skills needed for a future King!

Even in his 2nd year, HRH Prince George will already be acquiring skills needed in his later life. We’ve highlighted some of the qualities he will need and toys appropriate for any 1 year old – there are plenty of toys available to help develop each quality, we have highlighted just a few (click on each toy to see our expert review):

  • Cognitive skills:
    • Roll and PlayDeveloped memory – Meeting and greeting 1000’s of people, it is
      impossible to remember them all, however a few would be nice!!
    • Problem solving skills – Solving the worlds problems….will VTech Baby Play & Learn Activity TablePrince George succeed? Maybe he’ll follow in his grandfather’s footsteps championing sustainability and environmental issues.




  • Personal, social and emotional

play away suitcase

    • Excellent social skillsEntertaining and attending public events are all very frequent.
    • Leadership abilities – Being the Head of State, people will be expecting great leadership qualities and he’ll need to keep track of his vast family tree.
    • Social Etiquette – Dining and socialising with people from all walks of life will require fine yet adaptable social etiquette.
    • Self confidence – To carry out any role in the public eye you needed to be self assured with plenty of confidence. With lots of international travel, being able to travel light and entertain oneself on the journeys is vital.
    • Managing feelings and behaviour – it will be very stressful and demanding being King, keeping a level head and dealing well with stresses will prove very valuable.


  • Speech, language and communicationVTech Baby Splash & Sing Bath Book
    • Concentration – Meeting and working with a variety of people from Politicians to charity workers he must a great listener, concentration skills are needed here.
    • Public speaking – Addressing the public, talking to the many people you meet, having great communication skills is highly valuable. Knowing cultural traditions and being able to tell a good story will keep endless public engagements from being dull.
    • Language – Frequent travel over seas and visiting countries, it’s great to be multi-lingual.
    • Literacy – Letter receiving and reading is an essential part of a kings day….everyone likes to receive a response to their letter (preferably without spelling mistakes).


  • Physicaldiscovery wagon

    • Stamina and fitness
      – Regular travel and all-day events/charity visits, he will require plenty of stamina to keep up with the diary of a
      King, although we assume he’ll have people to carry things for him, so won’t have to push his own trolley in the future.
    • Equine Polo skills are always a must for a true Prince…




  • Creativity
    • Fashion from the Royal household is always a popular topic of conversation, especially plug and stackamongst the magazines.
      Fiesta Crafts Peter Pan Hand & Finger Puppet Set
    • Sense of humour is a popular trait and particularly from a public figure.
    • Building and designing your own palace and castles will secure your place in history!
    • Entertain him with puppets to prepare him for the Royal Variety Show – developing concentration and attention skills.

If you’re looking for a present for your very own little prince or princess for his/her birthday, ensure it has been approved by our toy experts at the Good Toy Guide, we’re sure George’s presents will be!!


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