Rainy Day Holiday Ideas

With the rain washing out many people’s bank holidays, we have collected some quick and easy ways to keep the kids entertained inside.  Our rainy day holiday ideas are varied – it’s important to keep their play diet balanced even when it’s wet. Indoor toys Free play ideas for all ages Download a new ‘good…
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Orchard toys bundle

Orchard Games Giveaway

This week we are giving away 3 bundles of matching games thanks to Orchard Games. In each bundle, the winner will receive the following…. Colour Match: First colour puzzle Alphabet Match: First alphabet puzzles.  Learn the alphabet by matching the simple pictures to the letters. Only the correct cards will fit together. Match and Count: Learn to…
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August 21, 2014

British Seasides – Worth Remembering or Forgetting?

  The great British seaside resorts – Blackpool, Scarborough, Skegness, Yarmouth, Southend, Weston-super-Mare, Brighton, Hastings, Eastbourne – are synonymous with windbreaks, candy floss, amusement parks and, of course, proper fish and chips. There is a real nostalgia that I feel for UK resorts having grown up in the generation just before cheap flights.  I enjoyed…
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A Little Video Gaming Could Have A Small Positive Impact

Parents often worry that video gaming may have a negative impact on the social and emotional development of their children, however a recent study by Oxford University suggested a link between a small amount of video gaming and well adjusted children, as reported by BBC News today: A little video gaming ‘linked to well-adjusted children’.  This does not…
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how can you help your child on safer internet day 2015

Choosing Children’s Apps For Summer Holidays

School is out for the summer, and many families are preparing to go on holiday or even just looking for ways to entertain  their children at home. Whilst, as ever, we’re not trying to encourage you towards the use of apps over other forms of play, we recognise that many children will be using apps and believe that they do have a…
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