children playing golf


The biggest event in the golfing calendar is upon us and many children will be wondering why their parents are staring at the screen watching a load of grown men try to get a small ball in 18 holes with awkward looking sticks. Golf is funny game, with rules, etiquette and famously bad dress sense,…
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Fiesta Crafts Giveaway

This week, thanks to Fiesta Crafts, we’re lucky enough to have 2 bundles of hand puppets to giveaway! In both bundles, the winners will receive a Crocodile, Penguin, Red Dinosaur, Giraffe and a Monkey puppet.   Fiesta’s hand puppets are beautifully designed using soft, bright fabrics and have lots of adorable details and features including…
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September 26, 2014


Coiledspring Games Giveaway

This week we are giving away 5 Sorgenfresser’s called Saggo thanks to Coiledspring Games. No more keeping those worries all bottled up.  Let Saggo munch your doubts and problems away. The cuddlesome world of Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters. These friendly little soft toys eat children’s fears and doubts. Children are encouraged to write down or draw a…
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September 21, 2014

Grandparents and grandchildren – the best thing since sliced bread?

  With grandparents doing an increasing amount of childcare, it is worth looking at the benefit of inter-generational play to young children.  Whilst there are many benefits of letting children play with peers and siblings, and quality time with primary care-givers is precious, grandparents offer another, equally valuable influence on children’s development.     Whilst…
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We are not amused

Becoming A Big Brother Or Sister

With the news that Prince George will soon become a big brother, sibling rivalry, ideal age gaps between siblings and how to prepare children for the arrival of a new baby are all hot topics.  Dr Amanda Gummer, combines her theoretical knowledge with first hand experience of having two under two and encourages parents to take…
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