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This week we are giving away 5 Sorgenfresser’s called Saggo thanks to Coiledspring Games.

No more keeping those worries all bottled up.  Let Saggo munch your doubts and problems away.

The cuddlesome world of Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters. These friendly little soft toys eat children’s fears and doubts. Children are encouraged to write down or draw a picture of the things that upset them and put them in the toy’s mouth, which is zipped shut. The idea is that the process allows them to put their anxieties, perhaps a recurring nightmare, behind them and move on. The theory is that it helps children to overcome the embarrassment or fear or talking things through with their Mum or Dad. Safely sealed away things will start to feel much easier, and with a little help from family and friends these problems can be solved.


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