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The biggest event in the golfing calendar is upon us and many children will be wondering why their parents are staring at the screen watching a load of grown men try to get a small ball in 18 holes with awkward looking sticks. Golf is funny game, with rules, etiquette and famously bad dress sense, but what can it offer our children in terms of development?

The answer is actually, quite a lot!


Golf is very much a polite game with rules that encourage courtesy and consideration for others and the course. Children who experience this environment may find it boring or stuffy to start with but the manners and respect will rub off on them.

Strategy and tactics

Playing golf on a golf course requires self awareness and strategy. It’s not just about the next shot, but the one after and possibly the one after that. Playing team games adds another dimension as you need to take into account your partner’s shots as well.


In this world of instant gratification, giving children interests that develop their ability to persevere in the face of challenges helps them develop a skill that will set them up for life – no one wants to be a quitter!

Healthy lifestyle

An average round of golf lasts about 4 hours, so having golf as a hobby gets children outside moving around in the fresh air for sustained periods of time.

Tech free time

Most golf clubs ban mobiles from the course so it’s the perfect antidote to screen-based activity and helps children balance their play diet.

If your children have been inspired to start playing golf, this mini golf set from Plan Toys will give them a good start!

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