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This week, thanks to A Girl for All Time, we’re lucky enough to have a collectible doll called Clementine to giveaway!


Explore the world of A Girl for All Time®, a series of award-winning British collectible dolls, novels and keepsake books that bring the past to life with exquisite fashions, exciting stories and original activities to share with friends and family.

Clementine is your typical 1940′s Girl. She comes in a historically inspired 1940′s dress of green poly-cotton with a vintage daisy pattern, upturned sleeves and a satin peter-pan collar. Clementine’s dress comes with a belt and cream coloured buckle, period underwear, ankle socks and sturdy shoes. Hat with satin ribbon included.

Clementine is made from high quality, durable vinyl and is 16 inches tall with articulated elbows and knees. 

Clementine will help children engage with history and promotes imaginative play


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