School Holiday Activities – The Role of Apps

The school holidays are upon us again! If you let your child use a tablet, the chances are this will feature in your household as one way to keep your child entertained. Whilst, as ever, we’re not trying to encourage you towards the use of apps over other forms of play, we recognise that many children will be using apps and believe that they do have a place as part of a balanced play diet. We’re here to help you understand the pros and cons of tablets and other screen time for children, as well as to give you some tips on how to pick the right apps for your child and how to get them off the tablet at the end of their screen time and on to other school holiday activities!

Are apps good school holiday activities for children?

Parents often feel instinctively guilty about the time they allow their children to spend on Boy & Girl with tablet Btablets and other screen-based entertainment – but is this well-founded? Although research in this area is still in its infancy, it has been suggested that too much screen time does have a detrimental impact whilst a small amount of the right screen time can be beneficial. We discuss the pros and cons of children using tablets in our article.

We believe that all the downsides seem to relate to ‘excessive’ usage, and largely relate to what children are not doing because of the time they are spending on a screen. As long as parents make sure screen time is not excessive, and that children are getting of plenty of time across all forms of play – particularly active, social and imaginative – then a small amount of playing apps, games or other screen time is not detrimental. In fact, if you choose the right sort of apps they can often be educational and support children’s development of a range of skills.


Choosing the right apps

buying apps for half term activities

Knowing which apps are best for your child can be difficult, but we have some great advice on how to choose the right apps for children. Whilst purely fun apps can provide great downtime for children, apps that provide some developmental benefit whilst still being really fun to play are a fabulous idea. In our Good App Guide we only approve apps that are fun and beneficial for skill development, so this is a good place to start if you’re not sure which apps to choose.


Getting children off of a tablet!

balancing your children's play diet with half term activitiesWe recommend that screen time does not dominate a child’s play time and should only be used as part of a balanced play diet. However, we know this can be easier said than done. Have a look at our article on managing children’s screen time for some ideas on how to limit screen time.



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