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November 3, 2014

Bath time can be a happy affair one day and something that parents and/or babies and toddlers find to be a huge challenge the next – without any rhyme or reason. Bath time has the potential to be a lovely, bonding, fun and relaxing time for everyone. Bath toys and bath games are a great way to work towards making bath time a happy time.

Bath toys and bath time games are great presents – for Christmas, birthday and as Christening gifts. Bath toys are enduring because they are used so frequently and also, because they are often used in a mish mash with other toys to create all sorts of wonderful play scenarios.

Here’s some of the bath toy and bath time games that we’ve reviewed and approved as top toys, to be part of the Good Toy Guide.


Plan Toys has a great water landing netPlan Toys Water Landing Net – but it’s more than simply being a net – there are wooden sea creatures and several cups and pots in which the included toys and a whole host of other small play toys can be captured, landed and transported using the landing net and cups.


VTech Splash and Learn DuckVtech’s Splash and Learn Duck is great from a very early age – the duck floats in a ring and has a mixture of sounds, songs and phrases as well as lights and colours for babes to engage, learn and play with. The splash and learn duck is a great bath toy because it floats and will be within grasp for small hands and easy to ‘make things happen’. The duck is also good because it encourages babies and toddlers to listen to the duck as the sounds change according to when it is in and out of the water.


And finally, the NICI range has come up with the Minilotta bathing doll that is a great bath toy and very bath time friendly because her head and body is filled NICI Minilotta Bathing Dollwith sponge so she dries very quickly once bath time is finished. She also has a range of separate goggles, towels and robes that can be added on for dressing, providing lots of opportunities to talk and learn together about routines and clothing needs for different situations.


We hope that these three very different bath toys will give you some ideas for Christmas presents and toys. They are all perfect for children of a range of ages and will be equally welcomed by parents and children – anything that makes bath time more fun is always a hit!

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