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November 13, 2014

Whether your child has five best friends or fifteen cousins they want to give gifts to this Christmas, it’s a good idea to consider homemade and free Christmas presents. Children love to make things and get messy at the craft table or in the kitchen so make your next session one with more purpose. Prepare what you can in advance for a stress-free and memory-making afternoon, then sit back and reap the rewards of giving a unique present, made with love.

Crafty Gifts

Start simple and try this Candy Cane Rudolph! All you need are candy canes, some pipe cleaners and then your imagination for eyes (buy googly eyes in advance or cut out from card) and his big red nose. Easy enough for older children to do all by themselves and be proud to say they made. With a bit of planning, these Woven Heart Baskets can be made with any card you have in the craft box. Decorate with stickers, glitter or crayons for a beautiful completely free Christmas present for aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Kitchen Makes

If you want to fill your woven heart basket with something tasty then have a go at these Peppermint Creams for a traditional treat. Kids will love mixing up the dough and getting their hands sticky and the Christmas colours will look great peeking out of the baskets. For a professional looking edible gift that school friends and teachers alike will be thrilled to receive, have a go at making these stunning Chocolate Lollipops. Decorate with any sweets you have in your cupboards or crush leftover candy canes from your Rudolph making activity. Even the small outlay for sticks, bags and some Christmas ribbon is worth it for such a good looking and thoughtful present that will save you pounds against shop bought ones.

Traditional Free Christmas Presents

Christmas cards can sometimes be quite impersonal, with little thought going into their writing. Receiving homemade ones with a keep-sake feel will really brighten up a loved one’s day so have a look at this awesome Fingerprint Reindeer Card. Use card and paint you already have and leftover googly eyes from your Rudolph Candy Canes for totally free cards this year. No Christmas would be complete without Salt Dough Decorations hanging on family trees. Spread out the fun into two activities, making the dough and cutting out the shapes (don’t forget the hole for ribbon!) and once dry an enjoyable Sunday afternoon painting and decorating them.

However you bring Christmas gift making into your home this festive season, remember that for children the crafting is all part of the fun. Having something to gift at the end is a bonus! Homemade and free Christmas presents can be better than their shop bought alternatives as they show effort and time spent on them, a valuable commodity in our busy lives.

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This post was written by Dr Amanda Gummer

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