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December 9, 2014

We can’t explain quite how much we love Bananagrams here at Fundamentally Children.   We are unashamed fans – we will be playing it at our Christmas lunch, we have spare sets ‘just in case’ and when it came to making a list of great toys to send to the Radford family (17 Kids and Counting) this was first on the list.  Here’s why…

BananagramsBright funky cloth pouches are the first thing that stands out when you see a game from the Bananagrams family. Second is that there are no boards to play on and no need for a pencil or paper, just instant fun. Each game boasts its own carry case so they are all perfect to take with you for on the go gaming. As there are many different versions, suitable for pre-schoolers right through to adulthood, every household should have one (or all!) of them.

For fast-paced word action, with no turn-taking and lots of friendly competition try Bananagrams or Zip It. Make crossword grids and place all your tiles first to win in Bananagrams, a great way to increase vocabulary and literacy skills. Zip-It’s 2-player game sees players making a word grid with lettered dice. Using their logic and brain power to choose which of the 6 letters on each of their 12 dice to utilise makes this an impressive speed battle for the fastest anagrams in town. The zips on the bag double up to keep score, a genius invention making Zip-It an ideal gift idea.

Go large with Jumbo Bananagrams and Jumbo Zip It to bring the fun to a BBQ garden party or take along to a picnic at the park and enjoy the action on a jumbo scale. Kids will love the large playing pieces.

Fruitominoes is a colourful twist on dominoes and sees the usual boring dots replaced with a variety of fruit. A wonderful learning through play lesson in colours and counting this classic game makes a vibrant addition to any playroom.

For a fun family game try Appletters and build a word worm, adding a letter to the head or tale when it’s your turn. Perfect for sitting around the table after dinner, it encourages communication and enjoyment in taking turns.

Pairs in Pears is a brilliant game for younger players, with pre-schoolers going on a pattern hunt or learning letter recognition through their play. Early readers are offered an introduction to word play and can build up to more complex grid-based word games as they develop. The pear shaped carry bag will be an instant hit with children of all ages.

Bananagrams Family of Games LogoCheck out what the testers thought of these great games in the Good Toy Guide, decide which suits your family and find it now on Amazon to get playing. With foreign language versions of Bananagrams available there really is something for everyone’s talents.


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