Exclusive news! The Radford Family’s 18th baby is a…….

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In this exclusive post for Fundamentally Children, Sue and Noel Radford reveal the gender of their 18th baby, due in June 2015 and Dr Amanda Gummer discusses the characteristics of a youngest child in a big family.  

We’re delighted to share with you that the Radford Family’s 18th and final baby is a….

Radford Family 18 Kids and Counting Gender reveal


Dr Amanda Gummer says..

“The 18th Radford child is a lucky girl. She’l have parents who are pretty much unfazed by anything she throws at them and has a host of play mates, role models and babysitters on hand, but being the baby of any family brings its challenges and being the baby of a family of 17 children will not all be plain sailing. Will this baby Radford be kept younger and overly baby-fied by the rest of the family, or will she be doted on and never have to stand on her own two feet? She may be the firebrand of the family, learning early that with so many established voices in the house, she needs to shout louder than everyone else. 

One of the best things about being in a large family – and it was true for extended families in previous generations – is that with so many people around, no one person is the focus of too much attention and everyone has space to develop their own personality. 

We’re thrilled that the Radfords find FundamentallyChildren.com a useful source of information for child development, play and parenting and we wish them all the best with their new addition to the family.”

Here is the announcement in full from Sue Radford…

Well we can finally annouce that we are going to be the pround parents of another daughter. It seems such a long time since we have been able to say that, infact its over four years.

Radford Family 18 Kids and Counting Gender reveal 1
This is our beautiful precious tiny little daughter.

Radford Family 18 Kids and Counting Gender reveal 3
Here she is in HD. I think she had just been sucking her thumb, bless her.

If you look closely at this picture you will be able to see a little face watching over her to make sure she is ok, she has the best guardian angel watching over her – her big brother Alfie.

Radford Family 18 Kids and Counting Gender reveal 2
Not sure if she is waving to us here or if she is sucking her thumb.

Now that we know that we are having a girl it will mean we have 10 boys and 8 girls, the girls are slowly catching up.

She has a name with a meaning that we will share with you when she is born in June.

Sue x

You can learn more about the Radford Family, now 18 Kids and counting, on their website.

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