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Toy buying can be expensive and before you know it your house is full of toys that have been outgrown and you don’t know where to put them. Investing in toys that last a bit longer and grow with your child can save space, money and headaches!

From baby gyms that convert into play centres, to scooters that start life as a sit and ride, there are plenty of toys that change to provide longer lasting entertainment and extended play value.

We really like the Mini Micro scooter 3 in 1 and then would encourage parents to look for scooters and bikes with adjustable handles and seats.

Other toys are ageless- from balls to arts and crafts and packs of playing cards to building bricks, some toys are very flexible and enjoyed by children of all ages. These are the toys that should be the staple of any children’s bedroom/playroom as they will last and last. Even if they get ignored for a while they will be fun to play with over several years.

We like Catcher ball from Mookie, and with additional sets, this can turn into a game for lots of players.

There are numerous game you can play with a pack of cards. This tin of ideas is great for those in need of some inspiration

Family games that promote intergenerational play are great too – these are often simplified for the young child, or played in teams so they can join in. As children grow up they become more equal games and eventually they may be games that they play with their own children. Getting grandparents involved in these games promotes attachment and provides children with a vehicle to help them communicate with their grandparents in an easy, natural way.

We found that the children in our play clubs really enjoyed Logo and the junior version is fantastic for younger children to play without adults too.

Do your research and find toys that will last and give your children (and the grown ups too!) lots of play value for your pound!

What toys have lasted the longest in your house? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook page!

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