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We are delighted to announce our app giveaway for this week:  Thanks to our app developer of the month Seven Academy, we are able to offer one £50 iTunes voucher to the winner and 2 runners up get to choose 4 Seven Academy apps.


The Joy of Reading

A lovely app for 3 – 5 year olds that encourages early reading and writing skills

This app is great to get children started with early reading encouraging them to recognise sounds, spot rhymes and identify the sound of the first letter of a word.

Tic Toc Time

A great app that teaches not only how to tell the time but also the concept of a compass, sun-dial and time as seen from space!

We love the way Tic Toc Time does not just focus on telling the time on a standard clock face but also that time is a lot more than this

Busy Shapes

A fabulous app for 18 month – 4 year olds supporting cognitive development, including shape, size and colour matching.

This is one of our favourite apps for toddlers & pre-schoolers. The app gradually progressives in difficulty adding new challenges from sticky puddles to transforming the shape to fit the space.

To find out more about about Seven Academy apps please visit: 


Enter the giveaway or find out more here: This has now ended



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