Bold bright colours in your baby's room are ideal for visual development

Early Visual Stimulation in Infants & Small Babies

In a fascinating guest post, the founders of colourful children’s art company Witty Doodle  explain why early visual stimulation in infants is so important to the development of their vision.  A range of child development experts cite visual stimulus as a first step in helping babies and toddlers grow and mature creatively, intellectually and emotionally. Vision is the…
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building great britons

Building Great Britons

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the Building Great Britons report at Westminster yesterday. The report is aimed at policy makers and organisations that support families and therefore crosses a lot of political departments – health, education, justice, welfare, etc. The combined costs to these departments for getting the first 1001…
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The Benefits of Baby Swimming

Swimming with your baby or toddler can be a daunting thought for many parents. However there are so many benefits it is worth pushing through the nerves. Whether your baby loves to splash at bath-time or your toddler screams when having their hair washed, swimming will make a huge difference to their lives. Taking the…
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children and play

Children and Play

When they are not sleeping or eating, children are playing and learning through play is an important part of childhood development. As a parent you are often called on to get involved and whilst many enjoy playing with their child, most will admit that some activities can leave them screaming inside with boredom or frustration….
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teaching children to get dressed

Teaching Children to Dress Themselves

You may have heard Dr Gummer on the radio recently talking about children’s love of dressing up and the difficulties parents can have getting children into appropriate clothes for school/nursery etc. She was being interviewed on the back of research from Nutmeg, the Morrisons Clothing brand that found that whilst 25% of parents give their…
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daddy and daughter dates

Daddy and Daughter Dates..

The video of a Dad getting dressed up, appearing nervous and taking his daughter on a “date” complete with flowers was popular on social media last year. If you missed it, you can watch it below. We’ve been discussing it today in the office while talking about Valentine’s day and it turns out that Amanda has…
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Our BETT 2015 Highlights

January was a particularly hectic month for us here at Fundamentally Children, what with the 2015 Toy Fair in Olympia and The 2015 BETT Show at ExCel running at the same time! But nonetheless, we made the trip from one side of London to another in order to attend the world’s largest educational technology show, which certainly…
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February 10, 2015

Helping Your Child with Homework

From their very first day, children will bring work home from school – reading and number work in the early years, then spelling and writing tasks and right through to larger more complex projects for older children. Homework is a part of school life and it can be tempting to rush in and help them if…
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February 5, 2015

Child-led Play – the Superfood of the Play Diet

Parent-led or Child-led Play? Should parents play with their kids or just leave them be? Peter Gray (research professor of evolutionary psychology, at Boston College in the United States) says; “It is important for children to be allowed to entertain themselves without adults interfering in play because that is how children learn to overcome boredom,…
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