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The video of a Dad getting dressed up, appearing nervous and taking his daughter on a “date” complete with flowers was popular on social media last year. If you missed it, you can watch it below. We’ve been discussing it today in the office while talking about Valentine’s day and it turns out that Amanda has quite a strong opinion on the topic!

You can listen to our chat here and read Amanda’s thoughts below.

“The US inspired trend of Dads getting dressed up and taking their young daughters on their first ‘date’ is worrying. Not just because young girls shouldn’t be thinking of dates in the first place but because it confuses the notion of relationships whilst they are still trying to figure out their place in the world.

“Girls will be watching programmes on TV where teenager talk about dates, kissing and the romance and younger children will use that as their bench-mark for their ‘dates’ and that is simply inappropriate for the ‘Daddy Date’ situation.  Surely it’s better to encourage fathers, daughters, and sons to have quality time together doing something they both enjoy, but please don’t call it a ‘date’. I actually feel sorry for the mother in these situations -she’s left at home whilst Dad whisks daughter off to a fancy restaurant that she’d probably love to go to – not to mention the fact that a fancy meal is rarely appreciated by a 3 year old!

“What is important for children is to see is an example of a strong, supportive, nurturing relationship between two adults, so instead of Dad having a date with his daughter, let the kids help the parents get dressed up and prepared for their romantic night out. Children benefit hugely from seeing their parents take care of each other and enjoy spending time together – this will be their model of a ‘normal’ relationship when they grow up.”

How does the video make you feel? It is cute or inappropriate to have “dates” with your children?
Let us know in the comments below.

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