Mother’s Day with The Radford Family

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In our exclusive interview with Noel Radford, dad of Britain’s biggest family, we found out about about Mother’s Day in the Radford house and the joys of IKEA on a Saturday with his supersized brood!

You might expect Noel Radford to be too busy to answer his phone on a Friday night at 7pm, or that the call would be drowned out by the sound of umpteen children playing noisily. In fact Noel was in the middle of a pre-bedtime game of Bananagrams and found time to have a quick chat!

Mother’s Day in The Radford House

Noel told us that the week before Mother’s Day is a big week when you have 18 kids and counting…

“All the kids are very excited. It will start next week when they’ll be making things at school. Next Saturday they will be making cards for Sue – they’ll all make a few each for her. Then on Sunday morning it’ll be breakfast in bed for her – made by the kids. There’ll be presents – chocolates and flowers and they’ll help her as much as they can throughout the day. “

However, there’s only so much rest that Sue Radford can have can have on Mother’s Day, especially since she doesn’t accept any help with the washing…

“Sue won’t really rest up during the day. She’ll still do her laundry. If she misses a couple of washes it takes her a couple of days to get on top of it. She never has a day off!”

Noel explained that their relaxed approach helps them enjoy parenting so much:

“We’re quite down to earth and laid back and have a laugh with the kids. Sue’s just a very loving and caring mum.”

What Sue would do if she could have a day to herself?

“I think she would go off and have a spa day. She’s never done anything like that before and has said she would love to do it with Sophie and Chloe. She’s talked about doing something like that for years.”

IKEA at the Weekend

This weekend the Radfords have something a little less relaxing planned; they are heading off to IKEA with eight of their children to buy storage for toys and clothes! They’ve just recently discovered IKEA, which stimulated a lot of discussion on their Facebook Page. Noel described his first visit:

“We went a couple of weeks ago and we got lost. We didn’t realize that you had to go round the upstairs first and we got really tired walking around. I’ve never been anywhere that busy before – it’s like ASDA at Christmas!

Luckily there’s the promise of ice creams and hot dogs at the end of the trip to keep them going through the crowds! We wish them luck!

Getting ready for Baby number 18

Excitement is growing in the Radford family for the arrival of baby number 18, a little girl, who is due in June. Although there are some items that are reused, Sue and Noel like to buy a new pram for each baby and they always find new products to try out. This time they’ve just discovered bedside cribs, so that the baby can sleep close to them. Sue wants a rocking feeding chair and they need to buy a new bouncy chair for the baby, as Noel suspects that the older children have been sitting in the last one and it’s broken. Otherwise they’re almost ready for their new arrival.

Although Mother’s Day won’t necessarily be a relaxing one for Sue Radford, we’re sure that the day will be filled with lots of love and happiness.

Dr Amanda Gummer Says:

Mothers should be appreciated every day and resist the temptation to be Martyrs for the other 364 days of the year, hoping that in Mothering Sunday they’ll have a perfect day. This way lies disappointment and resentment.

“Whist I believe that it’s really valuable for children to make a special effort (and for partners to facilitate) to show their appreciation for all their mothers do it should be part of a perpetual cycle of respect and consideration.

“Try not to put too much emphasis on any single day – especially if your children are very young. Take some time on a regular basis to show every member of the family that they are appreciated and valued and you will avoid the over – commercialisation of days such as this and resulting disappointment that often follows.”

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Do you put your feet up during the day, or are you happy to carry on as normal? Whatever you do, we hope you have a great day!

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