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March 23, 2015 Published by

This week we are giving away 2 ‘Stay-Indoors’ Games Bundles worth £59 each thanks to Drumond Park.

2 winners will recieve:

LOGO What am I?   A board game in which players have to get their team members to guess what is on the card

LOGO Grab     A riveting and fast-paced game where everyone plays at once. A turbo-charged game of Roll, Spot and Grab.

Word search Junior  For children who are learning their letters – Wordsearch Junior is a brilliant introduction to spotting patterns of pictures and simple words.


Enter the giveaway or find out more here: https://www.goodplayguide.com/news/latest-giveaway/



If you would like to suggest a toy for one of the Good Toy Guide’s giveaways contact us. To find out about the other services we offer to the toy industry visit: Industry Home.

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