Encouraging Children to Write a Diary

Keeping a diary is a wonderful way to hold onto today’s memories before they are forgotten. There also are developmental benefits to keeping a diary, be it daily, weekly or less often. Why not let your child choose a new notebook, some pens or pencils to enjoy using and encourage them to give it a go.  …
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Reducing Pressure on Children

Children Under Pressure When you see young children playing happily together it’s hard to imagine that almost a third will consider or attempt suicide before they turn sixteen and that many will take drugs to increase their academic performance. Sadly this is a reality that parents need to know about and be aware it is…
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8 Ways to Teach your Child about History

This June marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. To commemorate this historic event, the Magna Carta Committee are donating a souvenir copy, a timeline wall chart and a newspaper chronicle to every UK Primary School. This will support teachers and students in their learning. Studying history is really important for children; our…
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Gender Neutral Toys and Apps

Play is a huge part of a child’s life and it is how they learn new things, develop skills and explore their own ideas freely. However there can be a lot of pressure on parents and children, through advertising, family members and the media, to encourage children to play with toys that are gender specific….
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Developing Critical Thinking Skills Through Stories

Telling your child stories has great developmental benefits – it allows them to explore their imaginations, practice their listening skills and experience new vocabulary –  as well as giving you the opportunity to spend quality time together. It is also useful for children to develop the ability to think critically; being able to interpret and reflect…
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