8 Ways to Teach your Child about History

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This June marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. To commemorate this historic event, the Magna Carta Committee are donating a souvenir copy, a timeline wall chart and a newspaper chronicle to every UK Primary School. This will support teachers and students in their learning. Studying history is really important for children; our history shapes the people we are today and there are lots of important lessons to be learned from the good and bad events in the past. Children of all ages can enjoy learning about the past and gaining an appreciation of history, both ancient and that of more recent times.  In addition to their school studies, there are lots of ways you can teach your child about history at home. 

Learning through Books and Role Playteach your child about history with dinosaurs

One of the simplest ways to get straight into learning about history is to borrow some books at the library and share them. You can discover many topics and see which piques your child’s interest. Are your little ones dinosaur fans or do they love to act out being Kings, Queens and Knights?

Toys and Apps are a great way to get their brains thinking:

  • Younger children can complete this Big Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle, then research their names, habits and what they ate. When did they live? Where did they go?
  • For older children, let them become an archaeologist by fossilising, digging up and building a dinosaur skeleton with this Thames and Kosmos Kit.
  • Encourage them to dress up in this Shield, Sword and Knight Helmet and put on a play with siblings or friends. Role playing builds confidence and allows them to learn facts from history without any formal learning.

Visiting Historical Places / Landmarks

Take a look at the history of your local area or venture further afield and take your family on a day trip that’s both educational and fun. Visiting a new place and having that feeling of adventure will ensure your child is keen to listen to what you have to say. Pack a picnic and enjoy the better weather that is on its way:

teach your child about history at the natural-history-museum

(National History Museum, London)

  • Pop to your nearest museum and see what they have to offer. With exhibitions being updated frequently there’s always something new to discover. You could look at an Egyptian mummy in its sarcophagus or view some hieroglyphics then create your own back at home.
  • Try out this Egyptians by the Deskplorers App and let your child discover facts while developing their fine motor and problem solving skills  along the way.
  • Spend some quality family time at a castle and learn about the history that took place inside its walls.  Younger children will enjoy the hands on experience and older ones can be inspired to research the love stories, battles and sometimes more gruesome tales! Once home, get inventive and make your own castle or let them get crafty and create bricks to Build a Medieval Castle.


Learning at HomeG_App_G_History_For_Kids_R

Thanks to the Internet combined with the usage of  Digital Devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and even Phablets! There is no reason why the learning cannot continue from within the confines of your own living room as there are now many History apps available that can help to support you in teaching your child about history at home:

  • History for Kids App, an interactive timeline for them to travel throughout time.
  • Napoleon is an educational app that teaches children about the story of the famous French Leader.

Not only are there so many interesting periods of time to discover but the variety means there is something to suit everyone.

Parents getting involved in teaching their children about history benefit greatly by expanding their own knowledge too, so get involved and take the whole family on an adventure into the past.



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