Growing your Child’s Stationery Collection

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Collecting Stationery

National Stationery Week aims to get everyone talking about stationery and focussing on the joy these products can bring. For children, writing is an important skill and whether they are just learning to write their own name, or are drafting epic stories, fun stationery can make it all the more exciting! Many parents will understand how quickly supplies of pens, pencils, cases and erasers can build in their homes. But what about encouraging a more specific collection? The benefits may be surprising.


Where to start?pencils-stored-in-a-pot

Have a look at your child’s stationery and see what they already have. Choosing a collection from this to then add to means they will already have something to work with. Funky erasers is a great idea for little ones to collect, often having a wide eye-catching variety and the added benefit of them always being able to find something new. Help them think about:

  • How the collection will be stored, will it be displayed for all to see?
  • How will they choose what the collection needs next?
  • Will they trade with other collectors?

Key Skills Learned

There are a great many skills learned and developed through building a collection. These skills are not just useful for little ones, older children will benefit too.

  • Looking after the stationery collection teaches responsibility and a respect for their belongings. Items in the collection will often hold special memories from being bought on holiday, or gifted by a relative, so your child will want to keep them safe.
  • Organising the collection with storage ideas to display it or even holding a viewing event are also valuable skills to be learned and practised for all ages.



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Benefits to Building a Collection

The skills learned through collecting last a lifetime and the benefits far outweigh any thoughts of it cluttering up your home. Your child will learn:child-drawing-picture

  • To have patience. Often lacking in today’s ‘instant’ culture, taking the time to slowly build up a collection will allow your child to practise being patient. Collecting stationery can’t be done in a day and the fun of planning what piece they want next, the anticipation of waiting for it and the joy of adding it to their collection helps children to develop.
  • To control their finances. Whether they want bright coloured erasers, flashing pens or quality notebooks, buying their collection from their own pocket money or holiday spends gives children the chance to budget. Learning to save a little up each week to reach their goal purchase is a life skill that will see them well into adulthood.
  • Decision making skills. Choosing what to collect and how often to add to their collection, sometimes sacrificing other purchases to buy a new piece of stationery will help foster their independence.

However way you encourage your child to enjoy building their own collection, consider collecting as a fun way to learn new skills. Seeing your child’s stationery collection grow and their pride in having done it all themselves makes it a worthwhile and greatly beneficial hobby.


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