Why We Love To Build Dens! (And Why Kids Will Too!)

Here at Fundamentally HQ we love to build dens, and they have provided many memorable moments for us! In times gone by, den building was a common activity. Children would spend many hours outside, getting muddy and working with their friends or siblings to create an imaginative and secret place. In recent years children quite often miss…
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Preschool Bundle Giveaway

Thanks to Duckie Deck, we have 2 lovely preschool bundles to giveaway for 2 lucky winners. Each winner will receive 6 Duckie Deck apps (winners choice), 2 My world Games & 3 Campbell Books. Also 10 runners up will receive 2 Duckie Deck apps of their choice. Duckie Deck, Our App Developer of the Month,…
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May 15, 2015

5 Reasons to Play Board Games

We absolutely love to play board games here at Fundamentally HQ, and they can be both fun and educational experiences for all the family to enjoy! Here are 5 great reasons why children should play along too!   There are lots of benefits to playing board games! Here are 5 reasons for getting your favourite…
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May 14, 2015


Adult Led Role Play to Support Child Development

The most common type of role play can be considered to be ‘Child-directed’ or ‘free’ role play. The second type of roleplay is directed or Adult led roleplay. This gives adults the opportunity to guide children into learning something new or discussing a topic while being at the child’s level.     When an adult directs the…
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May 12, 2015

Strider bike 3

Strider Giveaway

Thanks to Strider Bike UK we are giving away to one lucky winner a chance to win a Strider Balance Bike 12 Sport with a VIP entry to the Strider Championship Race on the 6th June 2015 in Birmingham. The Strider Bike is suitable for children from around 18 months to five years, the widest…
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May 8, 2015


Play by Dr Amanda Gummer (Child Development Book)

Dr Amanda Gummer, Founder of Fundamentally Children, is widely regarded as THE go-to expert on Play, Toys and Child Development. We are delighted to announce that Dr. Amanda Gummer’s book Play – fun ways to help your child develop in the first 5 years, will be published internationally and translated for a number of different markets. Amanda…
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Just Google it – Using Google in Exams

Chief executive of exam board suggests pupils should be able to use Google in exams   Mark Dawe, Chief Executive of the OCR exam board, has recently suggested that pupils sitting their GCSEs and A Levels should be allowed to use Google in their exams. This has been snubbed by Chris McGowan (Campaign for Real…
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How to Cope with a New Baby and Toddler

In this piece, we’ll be explaining various ways to cope with a new baby and toddler. We know that introducing your baby to their big brother or sister is a magical moment, but the reality of life afterwards can be daunting for many parents! Nevertheless, we believe that with a bit of planning not only will you be…
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May 2, 2015