How to Cope with a New Baby and Toddler

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In this piece, we’ll be explaining various ways to cope with a new baby and toddler. We know that introducing your baby to their big brother or sister is a magical moment, but the reality of life afterwards can be daunting for many parents! Nevertheless, we believe that with a bit of planning not only will you be able to cope with the transition from one to two but actually enjoy it!

Babies are great at fitting inmother-holding-baby-at-beach

Babies are very versatile little creatures and it is far easier to fit them into your existing family routine than expect your older child to make allowances for the new baby.

  • Carry on with playgroups, visits to friends and trips out just as before. Your new baby can sleep on the go, be fed, changed and cuddled just as easily as at home.

  • Keep bath time the same too. Your baby can be washed and dressed in the bathroom while your toddler splashes about with their toys. Make sure you have towels and nightclothes to hand before you start.

  • Make bedtime a family thing; let your baby have their milk while you read a story to your older child and they will both benefit from that quiet time before sleep.


Easing Toddler Tantrumsboy-upset-and-shouting

Jealousy can strike at any time but often it’s when you are feeding your newborn or changing their nappy, as your older child sees that one-to-one focus. Attention seeking behaviour is common so take steps to reassure your toddler by:

  • Having a box of small toys or books to hand when feeding the baby. Make a running commentary of how well your toddler is playing, read a story, or play with an app from the Good App Guide.

  • Letting them help – can they bring a nappy or help to put the baby’s socks on? With lots of praise they will enjoy helping out and being involved.

  • Using a chart and handing out stickers for being a good big brother or sister. Let them feel pride in their new role.

  • Setting aside time just for you and them. Send the baby for a walk in the pram with dad or a grandparent and regularly spend some quality time with your toddler or older child.


Making Your Life Easier

We all have tips on how to make our lives a little easier so ask friends and relatives who have been there before for what worked well for them.pregnant-woman-forming-heart-shape-with-hands

  • Cook meals in advance. Make double tonight and freeze half for another day.

  • Relax your housework standards a little. The early baby days are over so fast; be sure to relax and enjoy being with your children, the washing can wait.

  • Accept help from others, it isn’t a sign that you can’t cope. Let them help out and feel the satisfaction of doing something good for you.

  • Try a baby wrap or sling to leave your hands free.

  • Choose clothes in advance for tomorrow if you know you have to be out early

  • Consider continuing to send your older children to nursery, a childminder or to preschool. Your children will benefit from the continuity this provides and you can relax a little while only having one to look after for a short time.

There are many ways to make going from a one-child household to two or more enjoyable. Take the time to see what works for your family and don’t be afraid to admit if you are struggling. Lots of people will be delighted to help you. 

If you have any questions about your growing family, please contact us.

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