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Dr Amanda Gummer, Founder of Fundamentally Children, is widely regarded as THE go-to expert on Play, Toys and Child Development.

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Amanda Gummer’s book Play – fun ways to help your child develop in the first 5 years, will be published internationally and translated for a number of different markets. Amanda Gummer says she is thrilled that the book is so relevant for other cultures, especially as it wasn’t something she anticipated. “Many of the games, toys and play ideas in the book are quite British but it’s great that other countries see the value of a playful childhood. Play really is cross-cultural and can be a great unifier” explains Gummer.


Play is available NOW from Amazon. £10.68 (Paperback) or £7.99 (Kindle Edition)

“Play” is a Parenting and Child Development book, packed with activities and insights to help parents support their child through the critical first five years of life in a fun and relaxed way.

“Children are programmed to play – it’s how they learn best” – Dr Amanda Gummer

Some of the insights & advice you will find inside this book include:





Play was written with the aim of giving the confidence back to parents, showing them that all the tools they need are already at their disposal.

The book is a fantastic resource to help promote family cohesion, enhance child development, reduce stress and encourage parents and children to enjoy their family life.

Play is for every parent who wants a playful and stress-free guide to help their child reach their full potential.



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