The Benefits of Playing Board Games with the Family

May 14, 2015

Benefits of Playing Board Games with Your Family

Many parents have such busy schedules that finding the time to enjoy an evening playing together as a family is difficult. Getting out the board games and sitting around the table for some quality family time can:playing-board-games-with-the-family

  • Let you all relax and enjoy just being a family, creating happy memories.
  • Allow everyone a chance to laugh together leaving you all feeling closer as a family unit.
  • Increase communication as it’s easier to talk when there are no other distractions such as mobile phones or the television.
  • Improve listening skills, even the smallest member of the family can feel involved and that their thoughts are valued.
  • Practise teamwork skills, learning about healthy competition along the way.



Younger Children

Younger children will benefit from a Really Big Board Game Day as talking around a table helps to increase their vocabulary and their speech by being face to face and seeing other’s lips moving.playing-hungry-hungry-hippo-game

  • Stick to simple games such as this Thomas and Friends Colour Stack Game that bring a little tension and excitement to the table.
  • Try this Cake Monster game or other Orchard Toys games which are perfect for little ones to understand and always provide a level of learning through play too.
  • Sitting still and learning to focus for longer periods of time is a great skill to practise.



Older Children

Older children can give their brains a good workout with games that make them think.

  • Why not let your older child organise a Connect 4 tournament while keeping track of the results and working out the winner?
  • You can’t beat a classic game of Monopoly, with cash handling skills and a strategy to work on, it’s the ultimate way to practise being a good sport when the game goes against you!
  • Pair up older children with a younger sibling and let them enjoy playing together, bonding over the lows of losing and the highs of beating mum and dad.


Don’t forget Apps

Playing games on a tablet is an enjoyable way for you or your child to fit games into your day. While the adults prepare the Really Big Board Game Day meal or some snacks, why not let your child have a go at a new app from The Good App Guide or a play a game online. They’ll be raring to compete in no time.

Switching off the television and putting your mobile phone on silent means you can switch off for some quality family time. Invite some friends or family over and really make a night of it. Good company, good food and a great night of fun is just waiting to be enjoyed!

Photos: NSPCC,  Colleen Kelly & David Goehring

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