Toys and Apps to Support Two Year Old Development

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As children begin to communicate and move around, there are increasing opportunities for them to explore. At around 2 years old children will have short attention spans, so they will like having access a range of toys, apps and activities they can dip in and out, as and when they choose. Children will start to play together but will continue to enjoy playing alone too.


Cognitive development

Children at this age are easily distracted, with a concentration span of around 6 minutes at a time. Toys and apps that engage children and draw their attention will help improve their concentration.

Puzzle apps are good for developing concentration, as they require children to focus so they can solve the puzzle. With apps like Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123, the number of pieces in the puzzle can be changed so the game remains a challenge, making it more enjoyable to play. This app also teaches children the names of the animals in the puzzles.



Personal, social and emotional development

At around 2 years old children may start to play together, and are learning the importance of taking turns. Toys and apps that encourage children to play together can help them learn to share (possibly with some adult intervention to help with this!).

Children this age also enjoy small world play, where they can act out situations that have occurred in their lives to make sense of them. Toys that can be used in joint small world play, such as the Toot Toot play sets, are therefore particularly good for encouraging sharing.



Physical development

Balance will be improving, and it is really good for children to walk, run or scoot as opposed to sitting in a pushchair. Toys and apps that encourage physical activity will help get them fit as well as strengthen their muscles.

For example, you could get your child to ride to the park or to nursery school on a balance bike, trike or scooter. This allows them to exercise while speeding up the journey!



Speech, language and communication development

Children around this age will be starting to link between 2-4 words together, and trying to communicate more – however, they can sometimes struggle to put their thoughts into words, and this can be frustrating for your child. Toys and apps that encourage children to speak can help develop their language skills.

Two year olds enjoy pretend play, and you can use this to encourage language development. For example, you could get your child to practice conversing by pretending they are talking to their Granny on a toy phone.



Two year olds are not limited by reality, so their imaginations can really run wild. Toys and apps that allow children to engage in role play helps them explore fantasies and try out different roles.

They will also enjoy dancing, which is great for their physical development, as well as experimenting with music. Duckie Deck Baby Tunes is a lovely app that children can play with to create all sorts of different sounds, including vehicles and animals as well as musical instruments.


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