Getting Out and About for Bike Week 2015

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Bike Week 2015

This year’s bike week takes place between 13th and 21st June, and aims to promote just how good cycling is for your family. Whether your family members are already keen bikers, or even if they are totally new to getting about without taking the car, get involved this year and reap the benefits of a more active lifestyle.

Why Cycle?

There are many reasons to dust off your bike, treat yourself to a new one or teach your child to ride without their stabilisers for the first time:Family-Riding-Bikes

  • Social – Cycling can be fun and social; pack a picnic and set off for a day of fun with friends and family. Just remember to be safe with helmets, protect your skin from the sun and take plenty of water.
  • Environmental – Leaving the car at home and cycling to work or school is good for the environment, and less petrol in the car means more money for your family too.
  • All ages – Even young children can get involved using a bike trailer, seats to attach to adult bikes and push along trikes too.


Health Benefits

Perhaps the most important benefit of involving more cycling in your life is the health benefits it brings. Being active is an important part of life and for many busy parents it can be hard to find the time to be active regularly. With lighter evenings and nicer weather you could try:Child-Riding-on-Scooter

  • Going to the park and letting the kids loose on their balance bikes or scooters – fresh air and exercise are also a great way to promote better sleep at night!
  • Taking a walk before dinner, you could collect leaves, twigs and other treasures to make a collage with.  Even just twenty minutes a day is over two hours of extra exercise a week.



Active Fun

If you struggle to fit cycling into your family routine, or if you already cycle regularly, there are plenty of ways to get your children to enjoy being active. A trip to the park with a kite is guaranteed to have you running around and getting your heart pumping. These Wobble Deck and Space Hopper toys both help your child to master balance whilst working on their core stability and muscle development too.


An active lifestyle from a young age is a great way to promote this through their teenage years and into adulthood.

However you decide to be more active this summer, let Bike Week 2015 be your inspiration. Sit down as a family and choose what you want to start doing. Make the most of the better weather and improve your fitness too – but most of all, have fun!

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