Staying Safe at Festivals with children

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At Fundamentally Children we’re really excitedly preparing for our first ever 3foot People Festival! It promises to be a really memorable three days!

Festivals are amazing for toddlers and preschoolers, especially tailor made events such as The 3oot People Festival, but they also present a lot of distractions for small and big people alike, which means that children may get lost. If this happens, a clear strategy can help you find your child as quickly as possible.

Here are 5 ways to keep children safe at outdoor events:

1. Keep your child informed

Teach your child your full name. This could be part of a game you play at home where you discuss people’s titles. This can make it a lot easier to reunite a child with their carer. Here’s an excellent tip from “Ask your children if they know your real name, the name other grown-ups use for you. The more important and empowering the information seems to preschoolers, the quicker they’ll be willing to learn it.”

When you arrive at the festival, check out the provisions for lost children and if possible discuss with your child what they would do if they became separated from you.

2. Keep your child close

Consider investing in a pair of reins or a toddler rucksack harness to keep your child close to you. Make sure if you’re using one of these, your child is used to it and doesn’t object too much to being restricted! It can be difficult to push a pram or pushchair at festivals, especially if the ground is hilly or wet, so consider using a sling to carry your baby or toddler.

3. Keep in touch

Write your mobile phone number on a wristband, securely attach it to your child and regularly check that the number is legible. These wristbands are often provided at family friendly events, but it is worth investing in your own before you arrive so your child is used to wearing it. They can be bought at various places online. It is useful to also write any special information about your child on these bands, which would help someone to look after them until they find you.
Make sure that your phone is fully charged, perhaps invest in a battery booster, and keep your phone next to your skin, so you can feel it vibrating even if you’re somewhere noisy. For older children with their own phones, consider a keeping in touch app, such as Find My Friends to help you locate each other. Be aware that mobile phone reception is sometimes patchy at outdoor events. You may wish to consider higher tech tracking tools, which would alert you if your child wanders too far away from you.

4. Keep a record

5 Ways to stay safe at festivals this summer

Take a photograph of your child at the beginning of the event and keep it on your phone. It can be difficult to recall exactly what your child is wearing, especially if you’re under stress. If you can dress your child in something distinctive, that’s even better! Your toddler will love giving you a fashion parade before you go out and will want to see the photo.

5. Keep calm

If you realise that you can’t see your child, enlist the help of others as soon as possible. You will be able to cover more ground as part of a team. Even if your child is only missing for a few minutes and is found very close to you, everyone will be happy to help you.  If you can, talk to your child before the event about staying still when they are lost.

Hopefully you will never have to put this advice into practice, but it’s well worth thinking about this possibility. With some careful planning you can relax and enjoy the festival with your child.

If you have any top tips for attending festivals with children, let us know in the comments below!

For more excellent advice on choosing family friendly festivals and festival safety, please see the Festival Kidz website.


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