Playing with your Child

Learning through play is a great way to help your child develop many skills including social skills, motor skills and confidence in both communication and their own abilities. With this in mind many parents try to be involved in their child’s play and want to ensure their child enjoys their childhood at least as much as they did,…
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Lucy Gill’s Summer App Recommendations on TLE

Our Director of Apps and Technology, Lucy Gill, has written a number of extensive and helpful articles for parents and carers on the Fundamentally Children website, but her expertise has also been sought after by both up & coming and establish media outlets, to which Lucy lends her insight and knowledge into the current landscape of…
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Do you learn with your hands?

At Fundamentally Children we often seem to be comparing physical toys with virtual games/apps, such as in our recent article comparing real and virtual play mats. We certainly feel there is a place for both. We all love physical toys and would never wish to see them absent from any child’s life. However, there are…
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Can you get creative with your iPad?

Wanting to get your children creative but aware that TV and the iPad are likely to have a role in their playtime? Hopster may not have been the first place to look for support but maybe it should be on your list. The world often seems intent on demonising parents who let their children loose…
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Introducing your Child to the Great Outdoors

  Enjoying the Countryside There are many ways to enjoy the countryside with your family, and there are activities to suit all ages from babies and toddlers, right through to getting grandparents involved! Embrace the outdoors with a: Nature Walk – pack a picnic and set off into nature, enjoy the fresh air, exercise and…
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Sussed? Giveaway

 Thanks to sussed? we are giving away a £50 Amazon Voucher (UK Only) and 3 sussed? Card Games to one lucky winner. Also 9 Runners up will get to pick a sussed? game of their choice   sussed? is a hilarious conversation game that reveals the most interesting things about you… One player reads aloud…
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