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At Fundamentally Children we love supporting young people who are enthusiastic about working with children. We often have vacancies for work experience or seasonal work, so if you are interested in joining our friendly team let us know!

This week we had two girls on work experience come along with us to the 3foot People Festival – here’s what they thought of it:



The 3foot People Festival was a great event which consisted of many parents and young children below the age of 5 participating in many different activities on the grounds of 11698528_985387088173183_9178419222182573649_nHylands Park in Chelmsford.

One of the tents at the festival was the Fundamentally Children tent, which had products from both Playmobil and Little Tikes available for the younger ones to play with. We had a huge range of Playmobil including 1. 2. 3. (a special younger range suitable for 18 months+), castles and fairies, which the children loved to come and play with. It was also really good to see so many parents interested in Fundamentally Children, what they do, and how they help parents with young children.

It was delightful to see the children playing with the toys, using their imagination to play with one another and create little stories with the toys. One little boy was talking about a soldier killing a dragon before he ate the fairies! As well as being very cute, it also made us realise how these toys really do help young children to develop their imagination and creativity skills, and excited us knowing that we have inspired this little boy to create a story with only a few toys in front of him. It was also nice to see the parents communicating with each other, sharing tips about their parenting experiences and how they deal with their child in certain situations. The Fundamentally Children team got to share tips with parents too!

IMG_20150702_061734We also had people come up to us and ask about the book Play, which is written by Dr. Amanda Gummer who has over 20 years experience working with children and families. It was brilliant to talk to the parents about the wisdom that Amanda has shared in her book about children, from the first stages of their life to the moment they start primary school, and how their senses and skills develop in time. Many parents even returned to our tent at the end of the day to allow their children to play again as according to most parents our tent was the one their child spent the most time in!

Towards the end of the festival on the last day, Playmobil allowed us to give away a toy to a child of their choice, which was a really lovely and wonderful moment as the children’s faces as they received the toy made the whole festival worth while. It made us realise that although we were there to play with the children and make parents aware of Fundamentally Children, we were primarily there to help the children have a good time playing with the toy.

It was inspiring to see so many families interested in the work that Fundamentally Children does and how many children were delighted by the fact that our tent was just filled with toys, even though it was a big mess and around 27 degrees most of the time! Not only was our tent a big success, everyone seemed to be having a lovely time and lots of fun! Overall the 3foot People Festival was a great chance to engage with parents while their children played with the products, as well as communicate to the parents about Fundamentally Children does and what they can offer parents.

By Jenny Turner

We had a great time at the 3foot People Festival – have a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages for more festival photos!

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