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This week we are looking at how you can help your children learn about the world around them. It’s fascinating for children to learn about new countries and cultures, and offers a great introduction to National Curriculum topics such as Geography and Religious Studies.

Why Learn About The World?

Learning about world cultures, whether it is local communities or different countries, can give a child a lot of food for thought. Children are the leaders of the future so learning to appreciate others and learn about topics they may not have considered before is worthwhile:3605107785_17a683b72b_o

  • An increasing number of families are bilingual or bicultural and children will be interested in their heritage and to know where their family tree comes from.
  • Learning about other cultures can help a child have an appreciation for the variety in the world, understand the differences between cultures, and compare their lives those of other children across the world.
  • Knowing about the world’s population and the effects this has on our planet can be really interesting for children. Why not pay a visit to the World Population Clock and discover just how rapidly the world’s population is rising as you watch!
  • Fostering an interest in travelling the world is a wonderful way to encourage your family to see new places, experience new things and develop a respect for other cultures.


Discovering the World

globe-puzzleYou can give your child a chance to discover the world with fun geography-based activities:

  • Complete jigsaws that are maps – this Great Britain and Ireland Jig-Map has questions too so once the puzzle is finished you can test your knowledge. Or try this Know the UK game to learn new things as a family.
  • Make use of their screen time with some geography-based apps from the Good App Guide.
  • Look at a world map or globe and research how their population has changed over the years. Make up flags from different countries and create your own game, testing your memory or playing ‘pairs’ with them.


Experiencing Different Cultures

You could try introducing your child to different cultures with the following ideas:4227821957_bb73af1d92_o

  • Learn about another culture and live a “day in the life of” following their typical daily routine. Your child may be surprised at just how different children in other countries can live.
  • Experience the food from another region by looking up recipes and cooking some new tastes to try.
  • Bring different cultures into your craft sessions and make traditional clothing from another country, either for your child to dress in or for their dolls. Ask why clothing might differ to their own, is it due to climate, tradition, religion or cost?



A Globe by Mark Doliner is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Child in Korean Traditional Dress by Jon Wick is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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