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It’s the time children look forward to all year has arrived – the Summer holidays! It’s finally a chance for them to relax and have fun, but also a great opportunity for them to gain some life experience,  whether they’re off on holiday to explore new places or trying new activities.

Most schools don’t give homework for the holidays, but a teacher in Italy has sent his students away with a list of interesting assignments. Rather than completing a long reading list, Cesare Catà of Don Bosco High School wanted his students to experience what life has to offer.

Below are some of the assignments he gave his students (translated from Cesare Catà’s original Facebook post) – you could adapt some of these for your child, and perhaps yourself, over the Summer holidays:



1. Sometimes in the morning go alone with yourself to have walk on the sea shore; look how the sun reflects on the shore thinking of the things you most love in your life, feel happy.


2. Try to use all the new terms you learned this year; the more things you can say the more things you can think; the more you think, the more you are free.


3. Read as much as you can, but not because you have to; read because the summer inspires you with adventures and dreams, and reading will make you feel like a flying sparrow. Read because this is the best form of rebellion you have (ask me for reading suggestions).


4. Avoid all those things, situations and people that make you feel negative or empty. Find stimulating situations and the company of friends that enrich your spirit and that understand and appreciate you for what you are.


5. If you feel sad or scared do not worry, the Summer as all marvellous things can confuse your soul. Try to write down a diary to tell your emotions (in September if you like we could read it together).


6. Dance without being ashamed, on the dance floor or on the street or in your bedroom. The Summer is a dance, it would be stupid not be part of it.


7. At least one time go and admire the dawn. Stay in silent and breathe, shut your eyes and be grateful.


Cesare Catà’s homework assignment is a great example that shows the importance of not just learning school subjects such as Maths and English, but also learning to live and enjoy everything you experience in the world. Allowing children freedom and enjoyment means they will grow up to be stronger, happier and more fulfilled adults.

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