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Learning through play is a great way to help your child develop many skills including social skills, motor skills and confidence in both communication and their own abilities. With this in mind many parents try to be involved in their child’s play and want to ensure their child enjoys their childhood at least as much as they did, but aren’t always as confident in playing with their child as they would like to be. We asked 1, 187 parents what they think about childhood play:


Piggy-Back-by-Rachel-WilderOver half of parents think their children are having a more enjoyable childhood than they did!

Remembering your own childhood can be a lovely chance for parents to reminisce, and sharing memories of favourite toys and games with your child is a great way to have fun with them.

Out of the parents we asked, 42%* believe that their children are having a similar childhood to theirs, while 56%* say their children are actually having more fun than they did. These figures show that as the years go by, ensuring a child is having a great upbringing is paramount to parents and they want to better their own experiences. Whether you look back and feel your childhood could have been better or you are happy that you had the best of experiences, make the most of your wisdom and promote fun for your family.


More than a quarter of parents aren’t sure how to play with their childrenPark-Kid-Playing-by-alexwendpap

If you have trouble entertaining your kids, don’t worry – you are not alone! 28%* of parents we surveyed said that although they like to play with their children, they often run out of ideas. It can be difficult to come up with new ideas every day that children will enjoy, but joint play can be very good for building relationships and strengthening a child’s confidence.





Dr. Amanda Gummer says:

“Parents are their (children’s) role models, and children learn most if they are securely attached. Playing together is a great way of promoting attachment – nothing bonds like shared laughter.”



If you’re finding yourself stuck for ideas, have a look at our website for some inspiration.Playing-Pooh-Sticks

  • We have a huge range of play ideas for children of all ages and abilities, that you and your child can join in together.
  • Try some outdoor play ideas and combine fresh air and exercise with your fun. Play pooh sticks and race a stick or leaf down a stream; this is a wonderful way to share an activity that most parents have played as children. The added lesson in friendly competition and sportsmanship is a bonus.
  • Activities such as these messy play ideas work well if your children range in age and they can be adapted to suit different levels of development too.
  • How about some construction toys from our Good Toy Guide? These are a lovely way to work as a team and gain that satisfaction at the end as you show off your creations.


However you bring new play experiences to your children, don’t be afraid to let them entertain themselves some of the time. Likewise don’t be scared to throw yourself into the fun, something as simple as hiding some “treasure” in the sand pit can be a lovely, happy way to pass some free time.


*1, 187 parents surveyed. 




Piggy Back by Rachel Wilder is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Park Kid Playing is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Playing  Sticks by Charles Hutchins is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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