Sago Sago Giveaway

For 1 lucky winner, this week we are giving away 5 free apps and a £50 iTunes voucher thanks to Sago Sago. If you have yet to try out a Sago Sago or Toca Boca app, you are in for a treat! Their apps are visually appealing and the in-app gameplay is great for sparking…
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Toys and Apps to Support One Year Old Development

At a year old, babies are developing quickly! This can be both an exciting and challenging time as children reach some big milestones, including saying their first words and taking their first steps. Play is a fantastic way to encourage this development, and playing together will help build a strong attachment between you and your baby. Cognitive development…
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Why I’m backing the Children’s Activities Association (CAA)

There has been a huge rise in the number of extra curricular activities for children both in pre-school and primary school age groups. What really surprised me was finding out that there is currently no standardised quality assurance for children’s activities. I, like many parents, had wrongly assumed they’d be subject to Ofsted scrutiny, and…
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How can an App spark a Pre-schooler’s Imagination?

One of the best loved and most played with toys that we own is a toy boat my son was given for his first birthday. He’s coming up for 5 now and yet he and his little sister still play with it most nights in the bath. Like most pre-schoolers, much of their free time…
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The Benefits of Art for Children

Children show their first signs of ‘art’ at around 18 months old, when they start to make scribbles and explore different materials. At around the age of 3, these drawings will begin to represent concepts, such as a circle and two lines to show a person. As children develop (both physically and cognitively) their pictures…
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Coiledspring Giveaway

We have a great prize to giveaway this week thanks to Coiledspring Games. For 2 lucky winners we have 2 game bundles filled with: A Worry Eater (Sorgenfresser) – (winner can choose a girl, boy or neutral coloured one but not a specific Worry Eater) Zingo Word Builder Maths Dice Jnr Rory’s Story Cubes  

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Overcoming Anxiety in Children: Play Ideas & Advice

As children prepare for a new school, class or adventure, it’s not uncommon for them to be anxious. How parents help to deal with anxiety in children at a young age can set children up for life.  Some children will learn to use anxiety to get out of doing things they don’t like, or as an…
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Kidicraft Giveaway

Thanks to Kidicraft, we have 2 fantastic Art and Craft bundles, that will keep your little ones busy while waiting for the sun. 2 lucky winners will each receive the following: 1 x Mostaix Purple Ribbon – My First Mosaic Art Mini – RRP = £3.99 1 x Mostaix Red Ribbon – Kitten – RRP…
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