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For 1 lucky winner, this week we are giving away 5 free apps and a £50 iTunes voucher thanks to Sago Sago.

If you have yet to try out a Sago Sago or Toca Boca app, you are in for a treat! Their apps are visually appealing and the in-app gameplay is great for sparking creativity in your child as they are required to carry a range of different and fun activities in order to complete a task.



The winner will receive:

£50 iTunes voucher (UK Only)

5 free Sago Sago apps (iTunes only)

Sago Mini Boats, Sago Mini Toolbox, Sago Mini Road Trip, Sago Mini Space Explorer, and Sago Mini Doodle cast

9 Runners up will receive:

A free Sago Sago app (iTunes Only) of their choice

Sago Sago create software that builds on children’s natural sense of curiosity, experimentation and self-expression. They believe young children learn best through experimentation and exploration rather than instruction and assessment. Their passion is for creating open-ended play experiences that give children a sense of mastery and ownership.


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