Should “Breastfeeding Welcome” signs be necessary?

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If you’ve ever attempted to go out shopping with a small baby in tow, then you’ll be used to the complicated logistics of where to go to feed and change them. Even shops which you might expect to be baby friendly can often be severely lacking in their facilities or their approach to new parents! That’s why we had a little “aaaaah” when we spotted this sign in London recently:


Papa Del’s in Highgate have advertised their hospitality to breastfeeding mums, offering them a “pit stop and a free cuppa”. We got in touch with them to ask them how their sign has been received. Natasha from Papa Del’s said:

“We never really expected quite the response we have had but are delighted people are taking to it so well. We just want the local community to know that we welcome each and every person through our doors, especially breast feeding mums. Recently we have been plagued with articles about mums being asked to leave or cover up for something that is completely natural and we want to buck that trend. All are welcome.”

At Fundamentally Children we’re passionate about supporting parents in their choices, as we believe that happy parents make the best role models for children. Although we’ve spoken before about unnecessary pressure to breastfeed, we also know that if mothers choose to breastfeed, their chances of succeeding are higher when they are supported by friends, family and the community.

We think that it’s great to see businesses supporting new parents rather than criticising them, so thank you Papa Del’s, and all the other restaurants and cafes that make new parents’ outings that little bit less stressful!

What do you think? Would a “breastfeeding welcome” sign like this encourage you to go into a cafe? Do you think businesses should have to show their support for parents, or should we expect this to be the norm? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter, or leave us a comment below. You might like to let Papa Del’s know what you think too!

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