Entertain your little monsters this Halloween

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Halloween is creeeeping up on us, and if your child loves getting into the spooky spirit, this is a great theme to use for arts and crafts, baking, and even experimenting. Here are some hauntingly brilliant play ideas for you to try at home, whether you’re throwing a party or just looking for some activities to entertain your little monsters.


Halloween play ideas

1. Grab a pair of scissors and some cardboard tubes (toilet roll tubes), and get creative with monster making! You could even go bigger and use a cardboard box for the body/head, and cut out the features to make a 3D monster.

2. Mix up some green and orange jelly inside a plastic cauldron, and hide some spooky objects in it (you can get plastic spiders from lots of shops around Halloween) as well as some sweets. Then get your child to try and find the sweets! This is a great sensory activity (do not use with children aged 3 or younger due to the choking hazard)

3. These smoking ghost bombs are easy to make, and you only need a few materials.

4. Awesome fizzy, baking soda Halloween science! Kitchen science like this Fizzy Halloween Science Tray is a perfect experiment for young children.

5. Don’t want the mess of a real pumpkin? Try making these felt pumpkin faces instead! 

6. This easy to make Bat Slime looks amazing and gives children a strange new sensory experiences (again, do not try this with children ages 3 or younger as it is not edible!)

7. This is a really simple craft to make glowing ghosts for decorations or to guide trick-or-treaters up the driveway!

8. If you’re keen to use your child’s Halloween enthusiasm to encourage their cooking skills, have a look at these simple pumpkin recipes for children or create some Halloween cupcakes.

9. Decorate your house with a haunted forest.

10. Create some cool Halloween-themed paper lanterns.

Halloween apps for children:

Here are some of our favourite Halloween themed apps, tested and approved by the Good App Guide:​

Toca Boo (ages 3-5)

This app is great fun and ideal for Halloween. Children will love guiding Bonnie through her house, spooking anyone she finds. Don’t be surprised if your child starts jumping out at you at every chance he/she gets!


Labo Halloween Car (ages 5-9)

Labo Halloween Car is a creative app with a spooky twist! Children first need to use their creativity to create a car; once children are happy with their vehicle, they can then use it on one of 12 roads. Each road is a mini game and there are spooky obstacles to watch out for along the way!


Harry and the Haunted House (ages 3-7)

Encourage your child’s reading with this interactive story book. Words are highlighted and read aloud to help teach word recognition, and there are also lot of fun things to find on every page.


Halloween Kids Puzzles (ages 2-8)

A collection of spooky Halloween themed puzzles to help children develop their logical thinking skills. You can change the number of pieces to suit different levels of ability, and make it more challenging!


Easy Studio- Introduction to animation Halloween special (ages 6-8)

Ever wanted to make your own cartoon? Dive into the process used to create your favourite animated movies with Easy Studio! This app lets you create anything you can imagine with funny shapes and bright colours. You can even record your own sound effects and narration.

Monster Hunt (ages 5-11)

This simple and engaging memory game requires the player to remember where the monsters are on a series of cards. At the start there are 4 monsters and 9 cards and the number of monsters and cards gradually increases. At later stages, finding a ‘torch’ gains you a life and ‘hearts’ help you stay in the game and reach the leaderboard.



We hope that you and your family enjoy Halloween! If you’ve tried any of these Halloween play ideas, please let us know what you think of them on our Facebook or Twitter.

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