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We were really interested to see this article from EdSurge on:

3 Truths and a Fib About Language and Literacy Apps for Children

Credit: Brad Flickinger

Credit: Brad Flickinger Licensed under: CC BY 2.0

At the Good App Guide, we absolutely agree with the key messages:

  • Language and Literacy apps are a large and rising category of educational apps
    • and we might add one where our research and observations of children playing them has indicated that the developmental benefits are clear and strong (if used in the right way, in conjunction with other offline learning approaches)
  • (Pre purchase) Information from developers about how they developed the educational content is limited
    • It may be that it was developed with all the right people involved but we have also found many apps don’t make it clear. We know parents want the reassurance that experts were involved and, for the UK audience, that apps align to the UK National Curriculum – this is one of the things we check as part of our review process.
  • Once purchased there often is more information to support parents – we are always so delighted to see this at the Good App Guide. We encourage all developers to focus on this aspect of their app.
  • There are so many different activities incorporated into language and literacy apps to support learning
    • We particularly look for ones that are genuinely engaging and fun for children and don’t feel too much like homework.

Thanks EdSurge (a US based resource related to education technology) – we look forward to the full report in November.

This has inspired us at the Good App Guide to put together a round up of some of the best literacy and language apps we’ve reviewed – linked to ages and stages of development. Watch this space…

…And if there are any literacy and language apps that you think are fabulous but we don’t seem to have reviewed please email or tell us on Facebook and we’ll take a look.


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