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With an HD camera and integrated microphone, there are endless creative possibilities with the HUE Animation Studio.G-Toy-G-Hue-R

The studio lets children experiment with the effects they can create using a camera and video editing software. This gives them great practice using technology, and may develop an interest in filmmaking.

Making stop motion films allows children to be creative by thinking about what their scenes and characters can be made of – anything from a hand drawn picture to a model made of play dough. They can even introduce different toys to their videos.

Children can then explore their imaginations and make up as many stories as they can think of, and create their very own videos using their props.

As well as being great for creative film-making, the HUE Animation Studio is also a fantastic tool for a hands-on, visual approach to learning school subjects.

Educational learning

In the classroom

Teachers can use the camera as a projector – simply plug it into the computer and use it to display text and diagrams from text books. It can also be used to demonstrate ‘what a good one looks like’, showing children an example of what a good piece of work involves.


The HUE Animation camera can be used as a basic microscope, by adjusting the flexible neck close to the object and the camera focus. This lets children investigate various materials close up, helping them identify the properties (e.g. shiny/dull, rough/smooth, which is part of the science national curriculum. 

Children can also record their own science experiments, and learn about how plants grow by creating their own time-lapse videos.


When doing presentations in class, these can be recorded and played back to children, allowing them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their performance.

Children can also practice their speech and language skills through storytelling, recording their own narratives for videos (which they can create using stop motion).


Teaching is a great way for children to learn, as they must be able to explain and demonstrate the topic clearly. The HUE Animation camera can be used to record their own instructional videos for a variety of topics, for example, showing how a craft can be made, or how to use a particular method for maths calculations.

Good-Toy-Guide_557_Hue-Animation-Studio1Giving children the equipment and freedom to be creative and experiment with their own ideas is brilliant for their imagination and self-confidence. The HUE Animation Studio is great for this, but with a little guidance, can expand into education and learning as well.


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