Good App Guide’s Favourite Children’s Apps for 6-8 Year Olds 2015

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At the 6 – 8 age range apps that stand out for us are those that help children learn or develop without being overtly educational. By this age children are at school and become increasingly reluctant to spend time on obviously ‘educational’ apps. However, they love playing games with a goal in mind and solving challenging puzzles and are curious about the world around them. Many children of this age are also keen to be creative and put considerable time and skill into their creative activities whether that’s art, music or story based. They want to make something they can share and be proud of.

Apps for this age group can be a brilliant way to support their learning in school as well as helping build children’s confidence in their abilities, both cognitive and creative.

Here are some of our top apps for 6-8 year olds, Recommended by the Good App Guide, that help teach school topics, give children exciting new problems to solve, and more.



Simple Machines

“I loved cracking the ice because you don’t know what’s inside.”

– Girl aged 7

Our testers loved having the freedom to experiment with all sorts of simple machines, from levers to pulleys and much more. This app allows children to learn through cause and effect – by playing with the machines they can answer their own “what if?” questions about how things work. This is an especially good tool that can be used by teachers or parents to demonstrate concepts and then explain some of the scientific principles behind them.


New Happy Studio

“Wow Mummy we can make a rocket, it’s great!”

– Boy aged 6

This collection of games gives children problems to solve by building their own inventions, challenges their memory and rhythm with musical masterpieces, and builds their confidence in their drawing ability by teaching them how to draw a character with simple steps. We love the instructions for offline crafts and games that can get children away from the screen and playing together with family and friends. Take a look at how we helped develop the app.


Labo Paper Plate

“This is like a kaleidoscope! Look at the colours spinning on the fan!”

– Boy, aged 7 years

Children can get crafty with on-screen paper plates in 12 different activities, including making animals and also a guitar they can play! They really enjoyed being able to add their personal touch to their creations through their choice of colours and it was great seeing some of our testers inspired to go and try the paper plate crafts for real!


Seedling Comic Studio

“I’m going to make a cartoon about Scout (our dog)”

– Girl aged 8

Our testers had lots of fun making their own comic book from scratch, thinking hard about their stories and taking and editing their own photos. We love how this can encourage even reluctant writers to practise their language and story telling skills.


We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest

“I’ve got a really funny fact!”

– Girl aged 8

This game was so fun our testers were reluctant to stop playing! It’s played just like a traditional board game (without the hassle of the board) and challenges players with over 350 multiple choice forest themed questions. We think its great that this app encourages children to play together with friends and family, helping teach valuable social skills.

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