Good App Guide’s Favourite Children’s Apps for Preschoolers 2015

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In their early years children are starting to develop the key skills they will need to support them through life. Developing a child’s social and emotional skills is particularly important at this age as well as their understanding of the world. Apps that encourage a child’s imagination and creativity are great for this which is why these feature so prominently in our favourites.

We’ve also been so impressed with apps targeted at this age that support early reading and mathematics that we’ve included our favourites for those separately.

At this age children learn through play and imaginative play is a critical tool, particularly because they enjoy it and engage with it so well. Children use imaginative play to explore the world around them, try out roles, test the boundaries, copy what they’ve observed and experiment freely. This is a great way for them to develop all of the key skills mentioned above.

Here are some of our top preschool apps, Recommended by the Good App Guide, that give children problems to solve and virtual worlds to explore.



Dr. Panda’s Handyman

“Look, it’s all done”

– Girl aged 2½

Children thoroughly enjoyed trying their hand at repairing and building in the safe environment of Dr Panda’s Handyman. There is a great mix of activities to keep little ones interested and all sorts to discover and create time and time again – plus children loved getting a high five from Dr. Panda when they were done.


Tiny Airport

“I liked knocking the mans suitcases off the trolley”

– Boy aged 4

A lovely way to learn all about the airport for anyone who is travelling with a preschooler. Children were delighted by the many things to see and do, especially the funny parts like the Knight going through the security scanner!

Don’t miss the hidden gems – like what happens when you select the overhead locker in the first row on the plane.


Hey Duggee

“That’s a funny one (giggled).” (Funny face badge)

– Girl aged 3

Pre-schoolers can earn lots of different badges with Duggee and the Squirrels at the clubhouse! Baking the cakes and styling Duggees hair were particularly popular with our testers and they loved the freedom to get creative with all sorts of materials. There are multiple profiles so this is ideal for several children sharing.


CotBot City

“My loop the loop is epic.”

– Boy aged 5

This virtual play mat app combines wonderful imaginative play with problem solving mini-games to create a gender neutral world in which preschoolers can play and learn. Children loved the element of humour, such as dropping banana skins on the rubbish collectors head!


Sago Mini Boats

“Ahhh here you go doggy. Ice cream. Ahhh he loves it. Nom Nom!”

– Girl aged 2

This one particularly captured the imaginations and curiosity of our little testers, allowing them to explore and discover through free-play. They particularly loved diving down to see the crabs, then flying up into the sky.

See all our 2015 favourite children’s apps here:

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See our Good App Guide for more apps for all ages.

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