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We’ve had so many fabulous children’s apps submitted to us for review this year. Over 40 have reached our ‘Recommended’ status meaning they received at least 12 stars across our 3 ratings for fun, skill development and ease of use (each out of 5). In fact we also had our first 2 apps ever to achieve full marks – both from Tiggly (Tiggly Safari and Tiggly Chef)!

With so many great apps to choose from it’s hard to pick out the best but here we’ve picked out some of the ones we particularly loved.




Preschool (5 Years & Under)

In their early years children are starting to develop the key skills they will need to support them through life. Developing a child’s social and emotional skills is particularly important at this age as well as their understanding of the world. Apps that encourage a child’s imagination and creativity are great for this which is why these feature so prominently in our favourites.

We’ve also been so impressed with apps targeted at this age that support early reading and mathematics that we’ve included our favourites for those separately.

View our 5 favourite apps for Preschools in 2015 here.



6 – 8 Year Olds

At the 6 – 8 age range apps that stand out for us are those that help children learn or develop without being overtly educational. By this age children are at school and become increasingly reluctant to spend time on obviously ‘educational’ apps. However, they love playing games with a goal in mind and solving challenging puzzles and are curious about the world around them. Many children of this age are also keen to be creative and put considerable time and skill into their creative activities whether that’s art, music or story based. They want to make something they can share and be proud of.

The apps we’ve chosen as our favourites here have all managed to capture this enthusiasm beautifully.

View our 5 favourites for 6 – 8 year olds here.


Language & Reading

Apps can be great for teaching children reading and languages – they can encourage children to practise tracing letters, spelling, phonics and more. Younger children can learn to recognise letters and sounds and older children can develop their spelling skills.

See our top 5 favourites here.

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Maths isn’t always a popular subject but with fun apps and games even reluctant learners will enjoy practising their skills! While younger children’s apps focus on concepts such as pattern recognition, older children can be encouraged to practise mental maths with games and quizzes. Our favourite apps here all manage to do something slightly unusual to make learning maths fun.

See our top 5 maths app favourites here.

See our Good App Guide for more apps for all ages.


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